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Looking for work (New York)

Hello fellow InterNations members!

Do any of you have contacts/leads regarding work? Could you recommend any reputable employment agencies?

I'm looking for an event planning/organizing or community relations/engagement role, but I'll consider any office option as well.

My work background for the past 10 years has primarily involved organising and planning events, providing policy advice to government officials and significant volunteer work. My volunteer work has been recognised on Twitter and Instagram. In addition to this, I have a number of transferable skills and experience from my time living and working in London and Sydney.

I'm in the process (read, lengthy, lol!!) of getting my work visa and other documentation together. The only caveat to any job I apply for is it must require somebody with a college degree for me to activate the working visa I'm eligible for. I have this. I would prefer to stay in New York, but I'm not against moving to San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Oregan or Washington DC.

My CV and LinkedIn profile is updated, and is good to go if you have any connections or leads.

If you are able to help, and need more detail on what I'm looking for, best way to get me is through this thread, or via my mobile number, 858.247.9511

Thank you fellow InterNations members. Have a great day. May the fourth be with you/us!

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