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Losing your NYC edge (New York)

Is there such a thing as losing your NYC edge?

Last year I relocated from NYC to Chile as a volunteer to assist in rebuilding the country after the earthquake. The experience was absolutely incredible. After completing my assignment I got a tremendous opportunity to stay living in Santiago for a longer period of time. Since then, I have been managing the finances for an Australian mining company. The personal and professional lifestyle in Chile overall is very laid back although many Chileans will tell you it’s intense because they have never experienced NYC. I can’t help but wonder how transitioning back into my New York life will be after spending a year and half in a metropolis city being surrounded by such passiveness and tranquility. No one walks around angry and people in general are content with simple things.

December is right around the corner and I’m gearing up to return home. I know a ton has changed in NYC, therefore, I would greatly appreciate some insight as to what to expect with:

- Real estate
(How tough is it to purchase/rent a place?)

- Job market
(Are highly qualified candidates in the financial industry really struggling to get a job?)

- Financial
(Has the quality of life really increased dramatically? How significantly have salaries dropped?)

- Nightlife
(Has the economic situation in the states impacted the NYC nightlife for adults in their 30’s?)

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