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Moving to New York - Lots of questions

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are moving to New York at the end of September with our jobs.

I have a few questions about the move and was hoping someone might be able to give us some advice...

1. Our jobs are located at Union Square and Soho. Where are the best places in Manhattan to live to have a Protected content commute max, are safe and have nice places to eat/go out in the evenings?

2. We have no credit history in the U.S. and have been told we will likely have to pay at least 6 months of rent up front. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

3. Would people recommend going with a broker or finding places directly that are 'No Fee' apartments?

4. What would you consider to be the best bank to open a checking account with and are there any places that would provide a credit card to us with no credit history?

5. Leading on from that, how have people found the best way to build up their credit history has been?

6. Any other advice for first time International movers to New York? Any other things to look out for?

Thanks in advance!

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