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New zoological Park of Bamako (New York)

The zoological gardens of Bamako, new formula opened on Friday, June 20. After 2 years of rehabilitation, it is a jewel which is offered to those which will admire the many animals there.

After 2 years of work of rehabilitations and extensions by the Trust Aga Khan for the Culture through a public-private partnership with the State Malian, the new national zoo of Mali was inaugurated on June 20th by the Minister of Environment and of the Cleansing, Ousmane Ag Rhissa representing the President of the Republic. It was in the presence of several members of the government, the diplomatic corps and the technical and financial partners.

Rehabilitated in the field of the national park of Bamako Protected content to height of 12 billion F CFA, this new national zoo of the 6 hectares long Mali shelters more than Protected content species including 17 species of mammals, 21 species of birds, 13 species of reptiles and 58 fish species. With its green image, its rocks and oasis, the national zoo is not only the new space which constitutes a place of relaxation and leisures for the visitors, but it is also and especially essential tools for safeguarding, the protection and the conservation of the animal species in a healthy environment and favourable. This work was made possible thanks to the public-private partnership between the State Malian and Trust Aga Khan for the Culture. The objective is to arrange the spaces adapted to each animal specie which are there and to ensure the visitor and staff safety.

After having reassured on the security of the visitors, the representative of the mayor of commune III of the district of Bamako, stressed that this new zoo is a chance for its commune, Bamako and all Mali.

According to Luis Monreal, Director of Trust Aga Khan for the Culture, the national park and the new national zoo of Mali constitute an important and social interest which makes it possible to the visitors to live moments of leisure. He known as was satisfied with the success of this mission which consists in preserving the animal species in an environment adapted well.

“Mali has the stakes whose Malians and Malians must take great care”, the minister Ousmane Ag Rhissa specified. According to him, the national zoo of Mali east one of the zoos most adapted in Africa of Ouest.Avec like slogan: “an adventure for all”, this new zoo constitutes an important resource for education especially that of the schoolboys and it employs approximately 50 people today.

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