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NYU and Columbia business school GRADUATION PARTY @ MARQUEE (New York)

Friday's at Marquee is exclusively dedicated to the Europeans and others from around the world. People from Spain, Argentina, Italy, France, Sweden, etc. Come together this night to meet, drink, and dance.

ONLY FOR THIS FRIDAY MARQUEE will be the host of the NYU and Columbia grad school graduation! PLEASE COME AND JOIN US THIS FRIDAY.

The party has been crazy for the past 4 weeks~! The club is really at its peak and the way we get things done over there is amazing~! If you come with us, you will have access to a VIP table right NEXT to the DJ... multiple bottles... you wont need to spend any time at all outside in the line... and you will get free drinks once we are inside~!

It is an amazing deal, trust me on this one, you will LOVE IT and it will be an amazing experience~!

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