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polygot seeking a job (New York)

i am from Tunisia , a native arabic speaker
i speak arabic, english , french fluently
i speak a bit of russian and german as i have leaved in russia for abou a year and i studied german for about 2 years
i know a little bit of italian,spanish and malthese
i am an exchange student in Kansas ,Emporia , i hav won a ful scholarsihp to study computer science
back home i used to work as an interpreter with tourists , international journalists and international student seeking learning arabic or french
i have also worked as a conference interpreter, my biggest experince was with Balbels the international network of volunteer interpreters to interpret the world social forum that was held in my country Tunisia last year
currently i am in new york for vacation , i am staying here until friday
i loved new york and i would love to stay in here , the thing is to study i need a full scholarship as studies are very expensive , or a work contract to work here
would you give me a chance and hlp me out please
if you would like i would love to send you my CV and any documetns you might need
here is my private email : Protected content
my ohone number is Protected content
thank you very much

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