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Seeking job NY (Business, Event, Consultancy) (New York)

Der All!

I am looking for a full-time position in New York, and the States in general.
Looking over my last almost eight years of multidisciplinary experience within mostly the tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, but also in business, voluntary service, private equity, public service and travelling many parts of the world, I believe I have the background needed to eventually thrive in an international and entrepreneurial organization.

The desire for international experience led me to start on my path to a Bachelor Degree at the University of Wales in UK and a Master’s Degree in Protected content the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. During my academic career, developing flexibility and adaptability were hugely important to me. To this end, I had the great opportunity to work within two completely different areas. Rather doing what was easy or common at the time, I chose to work while studying, even though I knew the extra burden this would place on me. This is not to say that time and money were not important considerations in my decision-making, but their importance paled in comparison to the self-improvement and experience I would gain. The contrast of working for a non-profit organization, confronted with daily budget issues, while, on the other hand, working in private equity, where we were challenged to find optimal long-term investment projects, was a terrific experience.

I strongly believe that my character and university education, my genuine enthusiasm and dedication as well as my loyalty would be of great value within any company. Additionally I would love to be part of an award-winning team and to play a vital role in managing various projects within the hotel industry. I am exceptionally good at analyzing and anticipating events, highly organized and known for my commitment and professionalism. I am able to collaborate and easily adopt in an international team. Indeed, dealing with people from diverse backgrounds has been an important part during my job roles.

I am willing to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, performance, competence and integrity in all matters and to be a valuable team member.

I highly appreciate any help or further information.
Best regards,

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