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Singlehood in NYC... (New York)

Hi everyone...

For all accounts, New York City is fantastic but full of lonely people! Do you believe that? Do you believe that loneliness may be the illness of all big cities that imposes a life at full speed? Do you believe that despite of all the fuss and the most awesome places to socialize, still people feel much unattached? It is said that make real and true friends here is just a dream...

Perhaps if we all get off a bit more from the social networks and spend more time outdoors with real people, we could rediscover our old way of communicating and the warmness of making real life friends.

If you believe I am not being naïve and silly here, let's get together eventually to do something really amazing, beautiful and meaningful for the community we live. True friendship will just flourish… naturally. Shall we? I'm listening... :)


Tess Carneiro

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