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Solution to Recession. (New York)

“Even if all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.”
– George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw can utter above statement but I cannot. I cannot because I don’t even know one line definition of economics in present context. But, I do have urge to understand it as I feel that it has keys to resolve human race’s trivial and fundamental issue – Pursuit of Happiness!

Recently, I watched latest Bond movie - Quantum of solace. You might not like this bond movie if you are pre-conceived about typical Bond-type movies and so I also did not like movie without cars, gadgets and high-tech action. But, at the end, it surely gave spark to let me started thinking about present days Oil economy (by comparing it with Water Economy) and so called Economic crisis. Movie talks about mafias in water economy age (Age when now easily available water will have highest market value! And so people around the world do business on water. Futuristic but hope that we don’t observe WW1 – Water War 1).Giants reporting bankruptcy, Stock markets across the world started sinking, following Wall Street way, credit gambling, rising unemployment, slow growth in developing countries, reduced trade volume, income insecurity are few buzz headlines hitting news every day since last six months. These all lead me to start thinking on this front and explore more in details.

Mind you, we are here, not to give any remedy or discuss why it happened and how bleak or bright future will be….we are here to see world economy with different perspectives. We are here to understand what actually mean by word ‘Economy’ and different segments of economy. We are here to connect broken links between Economics and allied sciences. We are simply here to sing a song of Economics known as ‘Shri Suktam’ and put earnest efforts to design ways to pursue happiness.

Some people say that Adam Smith ( Protected content ) is father of economics. I respect Adam Smith for his efforts and would say that He is path finder for Modern Economics. Before Smith, Hobbes’ Leviathan ( Protected content ) was considered as some base for economics which explains power of common wealth. Again, I haven’t read any of them but I would surely believe that it is time to go back, go back and re-search our roots. If we have to go-back then why not start with well known Sanskrit devotional hymn ‘Shri Suktam’ and understand ways towards happy life. Why not to understand true meaning of Goddess Lakshmi and bless our life with rich wealth?

Lakshmi in Sanskrit is derived from its elemental form “lakS,” meaning to perceive or observe.[2] This is synonymous with “lakSya,” meaning aim or objective. Lakshmi is thus goddess of the means to achieving objectives, including prosperity in the lives of mankind.
By singing ‘Shri Suktam’ along with Vedic Learnings team, I am confident that this musical journey will surely help in exploring economics of life.

By ~ Nisarg Joshi

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