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Some shelter in place resources and guidance (New York)

Hello Internations-NYC members,

We know that many of you are anxious, with Covid19 circulating, and figuring out how to adjust to a new work and home life regimen. Many are exhausted sifting through sometimes contradictory, always excessive information, while home schooling or other major responsibilities.

Bottom line, we all need to
+ stay at home as much as possible,
+practice physical distancing when out,
+wash hands frequently, Protected content with soap. There are many videos that illustrate how to do so, and even a few suggestions on songs you might sing to yourself.
+ wear a DIY mask Protected content even if you're young and healthy. Leave the surgical and N95 masks for the medical professionals.

+ do what will keep you physically and mentally healthy. I call it the basics, or my four-legged chair-- sleep, exercise, nutrition, connection.
+ look for and accept alternatives eg zoom/GoToMeeting/Bluejean drinks/ meals vs in- person, arepas instead of tortillas, bleach instead of disinfectant spray, etc.
+Focus on what you *can control, let go of the rest, and be patient with yourself and others.
+ do something fun or silly each day (& maybe start meditating). Moments of joy will lighten the load the rest of the day. And move us from amygdala brain (reptile or fight-or- flight brain) back to our pre-frontal cortex, and a calmer, more thoughtful mindset.
+ look for, and appreciate, the helpers.

One easy adjustment is wearing a mask when you go out in public. As of April 2, the Czech Republic has <200 cases and <10 deaths. The reason? A strict mask policy including fines for those not wearing one. Learn more here: Protected content .
Similarly, many MD researchers have been arguing for this in the USA, including in this NYT article: Wearing Masks Must Be a National Policy Protected content
There are also many great videos illustrating easy do it yourself masks.

*Other resources* These days, you may be extremely busy, or you may have more time on your hands with less or no commuting. Here is a list of many free educational, exercise and entertainment resources available these days: Protected content

We are likely to be sheltering in place through mid-May. Different regions will peak at different dates, so travel might be restricted beyond that. I suggest you watch Governor Cuomo's excellent, informative briefings, daily at 11:30ET. We may dislike him for other reasons, but he is one of the few leaders sharing useful, vetted information in a grounded way.

How are you doing?
Do you have any other helpful suggestions to share with fellow members?

Take care of yourselves,
Your Internations NYC Ambassadors

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