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Starting an US company, but living abroad US Citiz (New York)


I am wanting to start a business while I am expat living in Italy. I am thinking I would like to start an American business since I will be working to bring American tourists over to Italy, and eventually to Europe in general. I am an American citizen. I have lived for the last 6 years in Texas. Most of my initial clients will come from Dallas, TX. Most of the contracts I will make for the first 2 years will be in Italy, where I intend on bringing the my first clients. What are your suggestions? Also, should I try to register a name and company before Protected content , or at the onset of Protected content ? I am still researching possible names. I will be in NYC next week, and I could possibly visit, if you suggest, but in the meantime, I would appreciate some advice. Right now I have a work visa in Italy and I net 21,450 Euros a year. I hope to leave this position in 7 months to only work for my startup company. I am the only employee. I will not have other employees, for at least a year, but I will pay contractors for work, such as web development.

I am looking to move fast, but to first understand my options first.


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