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Thar Issues in Sindh Pakistan (New York)

The basic issues of Tharparkar are as under;

1. Scarcity of Potable water. some RO systems have been installed at different location of Tharparkar but due to high O&M cost it may not be sustainable solution. the electricity is basic issue of Tharparkar so without electricity to run these RO plant on diesel will be too costly.

2. Health: there are almost Protected content dispensaries and almost 40 BHUs in the district but a few of them have facility of solar refrigerator to store life saving drugs like snake bite vaccine (Snake bit case are most common in hot summer), Polio, hepatitis and other vaccination.

3. Scarcity of Food: Balance diet is an issue therefore the pregnant women die with the new born baby as due to low diet they birth baby premature and babies die due to lack of medical facilities

4, Electricity: out of Protected content almost Protected content have an access of electricity. it will not be wrong to say the (RICH REGION POOR PEOPLE). because Thar coal is buried under this region which will fulfill the requirement of the country electricity demand for centuries but the populace of THAR is still in dark
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Chief Executive
Saeed Ahmed
Holding Hands Organization Sukkur Sindh Pakistan

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