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To my surprise in NYC (New York)

I arrived NYC in the last week of January. On the second day, I dropped by Wall Street, to my surprise, that was Wednesday, in Wall Street around 6pm something, i saw a white young man in a decent executive coat getting his dog shitting on a heap of snow while he was reading his cell phone like a very usual daily routine in his daily life. Other people passed by as if seeing this was also part of their daily routine. Oh, that's the first impression NYC gave me.

And then, sadly, I started to see, regularly, or almost everyday, men and women getting their dogs peeing or shitting on the streets, or, I saw dog's bowel on the street. And there are used plastic bottles, paper cups, disposed product plastic bags, and many other kinds of rubbish disposed on the streets and subway railways. I started to label NYC as a city of garbage in my mind.

And there are very frequently some poor people in Subway coaches announcing they want money and singing for a while, then jumped to another coach or another train to repeat their announcements.. While offering sympathy and donating some small amount of money, I keep wondering if there could be any authority attempting to disallow these people from disturbing the passengers ? (this won't happen in Japan or Hong Kong metro, in Hong Kong, such behavior is illegal).

And I keep seeing even some very young men or women in bus terminals and subway stations begging money in different ways. Seeing people begging money is not that surprise, but what's to my surprise is, it seems more people begging in different ways in NYC on a daily basis than I saw people begging in streets during the years I stayed and worked across China cities.

Another thing, people on public transportation do not really get use to offering their seats to senior citizens or women who held a baby in their arms and lots of bags. As a visitor here, I do so more frequently than any local people! Protected content

And next time if my American friends in China complain to me about people in China don't speak good English, I would have no hesitation to tell them, "Oh, many Americans (immigrants) live in the USA do not speak a word of English at all."

NYC has its beauty, but it is now less beautiful to me.

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