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In preparation for the one of the greatest advents in technology and Social Transmedia Storytelling we feature the accomplishments of Stedman Graham. In addition to being tied to two of my favourite women in the world Dr. Maya Angelo who spent three hours with me on the tarmac in a Shuttle from Boston to New York and taught me everything I hold dear about leadership and of course Oprah who is a prime example of how hard work and determination will allow you to overcome massive odds. But this post is about the accomplishments of the man who is strong enough not only to stand beside his women but has created a body of work that every person can learn life's lesson from. In Success Leaves Clues, we recognize his work as a Educator, Author, Thought Leader and Speaker.

As we uncover the essence of Transmedia Brandcasting and how a new source of revenue can give hope to the global connected community. We look to you and work with Ambassador Webb to continue the Dream of Dr. King and truly guide the Transmedia discussion leading as we move from Civil Rights to Platinum Rights.

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