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Working in Legal Field in NY (New York)

Hi, everyone.

I've completed my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (minor in Criminal Justice) from a state university last year. Since then, I've taken time off from academia and have been working in the field. I currently work in a courthouse but worked in economic development - all State based. I would love to work in the private sector to at least experience it. Perhaps some time in the future.

Nevertheless, I started to prepare myself for the LSATs and other parts of the application process from law school. I won't take the LSAT until next year.

To all of you law professionals, please feel free to drop me a line on advisement - things you enjoyed about law school/working in law, things you dislike, if you feel you made the correct decision with your career or not, if you've practiced law in various places in NY State or just in NYC, things you wish you knew before entering law school, etc.

I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

NOTE: I currently reside in upstate NY but would relocate in NYC if the opportunity arises.

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