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You have a tattoo? Let me take a picture of it! (New York)

the fact that you are reading this lets me assume that...
- you are an Internations member
- based in New York
- you have a tattoo....

If this is correct you also might have been to the local Internations events and you should know me from there since I'm the official photographer for Internations New York.

I have updated my website Protected content and now since the technical part is done I would like to add new content to my page!

If you are interested in a regular portrait shooting, feel free to reach out to me, mention that you are an IN member and take advantage of the IN discounts.

But, if you have a nice tattoo I would offer you a FREE shooting so I can add "tattoo images" to my portfolio.

The deal is that you would get professional pictures (you would get the files, not just prints!) of your tattoos for free and I get to use them for my website. Sound fair? Then send me a quick message to Protected content and attach a picture of your tattoo so I can get an idea of what you have and come up with ideas where and how we would capture it.

Sound good? What are you waiting for then? Don't have a tattoo? Well, then help me spreading the word and forward this message to your friends! If you are about to get a tattoo, I'll be happy to come with you to document "the process" ;o)

I'm looking forward to your mails!


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