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Cancelled passport with current spouse visa (Newcastle)

I can't seem to find a direct answer to this question and it would appear that changes have been made from a couple of years ago. I have a Canadian passport with my UK spouse visa in it. We have booked our flights to go home for Christmas, but I noticed that my passport is outside of the 6month travel period (it expires in March Protected content , so I have since then renewed my passport.

Now we had to add our passport info. when we booked our flights a couple of months ago. I have my old or "cancelled" passport, as it still has my UK spouse visa in it. Do I have to change my flight to reflect my new passport number?? (as it doesn't have my spouse visa in it).

I do plan to travel with both passports with me, but just want some direct answers from anyone who has recently travelled in and out of the country.

Thank you!

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