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How safe is life in Cote D'azur (Nice)

Dear All

My wife and 2 kids (1,4) are planning to move to the cote D'azur in few months, we have already spent a couple of months at the area we would like to rent a house (Biot, valbonne,Mougins) and are aware of the "good quality of life" in the area.

What we did experience while staying there is a burglary to our house- twice, at the local police station they told us that "this is happening all the time and every day in this area", on our way out from the police station we also noticed picture of missing children. I have to admit after this experiences we lost a little of our determination to make the move due to safety issues, so my question is:

How safe is it to live in south of France in private houses? is burglary a serious issue?
Do children get kidnapped? do we need to start being pressured by these topics?

I do hope my point went across, everybody talks about good quality of life , taxes and weather but we are stuck on safety. Thank you

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