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Looking for feedback from parents (Nice)



I’ve just created a survey about a business (Fun in English) I am looking at setting up and I would like some feedback about what kinds of needs people in the region have.

The concept of Fun in English came about because although I am English my baby was looked after 5 days a week by a French nounou so she only heard English in the evening and weekends and I would have loved someone to speak and play with her in English during the day. It has been proven time and again that the earlier you start to learn a language, the higher your chances are of speaking it fluently and at birth the brain is wired to learn and speak any language.

Fun in English sessions are aimed at Protected content olds to tune their brains into English, no matter what language(s) they are exposed to elsewhere, they can be children of French parents, English parents or a mix of any nationalities.

The name is important here - the sessions are FUN and they teach babies/children from a very young age that English is fun.

Sessions are all carried out by a native English speaker who has experience of teaching English to babies and children through fun. The sessions are comprised of songs, actions, rhymes and stories as well as games, alphabet, numbers, colours and more.

It is hard for working parents to find time for such activities for their babies and children, so Fun in English sessions can take place at the nounou's or at the creche while you're busy working. (Please note "Fun in English" is not a babysitting service.)

There is a possibility that these sessions will be carried on once the child starts school, please state in the "comments" section at the end of the survey if you would be interested in this too.

I would be really grateful if you could take 2 minutes to fill in the survey in French or in English:

Survey in English: Protected content
Survey in French: Protected content

Many thanks in advance for your feedback,


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