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Research for a book - anybody help? (Nice)



I am starting some research for a book based on an African footballer emerging in Southern France and being scouted by an English Premier League club

It would be a book for football fans and others, but with a lot of background info regarding the steps needed for Africans to make it in football and I am trying to make it realistic. It will be positive towards Africans and Southern France.

I would be interested in any help from the English speaking or African community (especially those from the Ivory Coast) in Nice, I have received some help from a young Ivorian in England.

I am after ideas for characters in the book, but who would be based on real life situations. All characters would be fictitious and any chat with anybody from the community will be in confidence.

One would be an ex-pat from London living and working in Nice. Another would be an young African footballer who has emigrated to Cote D'Azur with his mother and sister. I am particularly looking for information on expat life and their jobs. Also for Africans, where they would live, go to school, how the mother would set up as a market stall trader in Nice/Antibes etc.

I often use an appartment in Cagnes-sur-mer, but between October 30th and November 5th I will be staying in a hotel in Nice to conduct further research. I could meet up at any time (Wayne's / Ma Nolans ?) during this period to explain further.

I will be going to watch Nice v Nancy on 3rd Nov to get a better appreciation of football life in Nice.

Any help appeciated.

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