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Vday- Our local support shelter for women in need (Nice)

Happy Valentines day Everyone:) It is also V Day- Non violence against women. Protected content We are supporting a locla charity for Women in need. Tonight we will have a donation box at our Internations event- the Boscolo Hotel . You are welcome to bring clothes or cosmetics or tins of food. The organiser will be there Catherine from the home. Or you can take to the Home. Details below. We are a welfare and non governemental organisation founded 10 years ago, In order to help as much as possible the most desperate people badly in need. We are specifically aiming at women, as we feel that a woman on the street definitly needs to be taken care of. We have been working together with the CCAS of the city of Nice for several years in managing their thirty urgency beds unit, as well as helping for the reinsertion of eight women. More over our organization provides a roof and cater for several homeless women. We distribute food baskets to families in desparate need, we are also serving food in the streets (to Protected content last year), Where we meet a lot of women with extremely low income or pension, as well as mothers with children. Since over two years all governement subsidies having been now cut off, we therefore can only rely upon public donations, Together with our meagres ressources. However we cannot pursue our efforts without your help. We thank you in advance for your financial assistance to enable us to continue our task in catering for the poorest people. Kindly let us have your donation by cheque addressed to : Association Notre Dame de la Paix 10 rue de Gramont - Protected content

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