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”You can have anything you want…if you can answer (Nice)

Watt Nicoll who has been described as a cross between comedian Billy Connelly and Father Christmas. He’s a septogenarian whirlwind who helps people achieve extraordinary things - sports people like David Beckham; business people like Sir Tom Farmer; space explorers like Helen Sharman. All have been been touched by Watts infectious energy and
his simple proposition…”

”You can have anything you want…if you can answer 4 simple questions"

Watt Nicoll, Lord Andrew Mawson Brian Palmer , Marina Nicholas are just a few of the awesome International faculty gathering to discuss the ‘adjacent possible’.

The key to unlocking the adjacent possible is to get into a space where
seemingly unrelated ideas can crash together. That’s the kind of space we are
creating at The School of Curiosity in Villefranche Protected content Oct 13

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