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Childcare and Education in Nice

Are you an expat about to start living in Nice? This popular destination offers a lot more than just tourism. The InterNations guide provides you with the cultural and practical information you need to settle in here, from climate and leisure to schools and transport.
The city's expansive beaches offer relaxation for people of all ages.

Childcare: What’s Best for Your Child?

Like the rest of France, Nice has excellent early childcare facilities. The city has compiled a (French-language) guide to facilities for all parents living in Nice, including a helpful list of about 50 nurseries and daycare centers throughout the city. Public childcare facilities usually operate during the day from 07:30 until 18:30, while private businesses have varying opening hours. Young children can also attend one of the many kindergartens available for infants in Nice.

For more information about the French early childcare systems, please see our article on living in France.

Choosing the Right School in Nice

As a major city, Nice has an extensive choice of educational institutions. The city provides a mixture of both private and public schooling, as is usual in France.

There are also several international schools available, which could be more suitable for the children of expats. One of the most prestigious is the International School of Nice, a co-educational school for children ranging in age from pre-school to the 12th grade. A second, well-known international school is the Mougins School, located just 15 minutes from Cannes and 30 minutes from Nice.

Attending University

Nice has a significant student population thanks to the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (a French link to the university’s international pages can be found here), which has around 25,000 students, 20% of which come from abroad. This adds to the lively international atmosphere and diversity of the city.

Health and Well-Being

In case of an accident or ill health, it’s important to know what kind of provision is available to you in Nice. France’s healthcare system is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, and the services offered in Nice are no exception. To find your nearest English-speaking doctor, contact the Riviera Medical Services. House calls are also more common and less costly in France than in many other parts of the world. They are often arranged through SOS Médecins (French-language website only), although an English-language doctor may not always be available.

For up-to-date information on hospitals and specific services at your disposal, visit the website of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice (CHU), which is also available in English.

For more information on French healthcare (including costs and insurance), check out our InterNations guide to living in France.  


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