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Economy of Nice

Nice has a thriving economy that seems to be going from strength to strength. Read our guide to working in the city and discover how to navigate the world of work permits, social security, and the tourism industry in Nice.
Tourism is the most important industry in Nice.

For over 300 years, Nice has been one of France’s most popular holiday destinations, and this history is still obvious today. The majority of jobs in Nice are in the tourism sector or the service industry. Both form the backbone of the city’s economy, although construction and technology are also significant.

The Eco-Vallée Project

Nice is certainly up-and-coming as a technological and business destination and is the only city in France to have been awarded IBM’s “Smart City” award. This is reflected in the development of a new international business park, called Eco-Vallée. Located in the Var valley, just to the west of Nice, this brand-new development will constitute a business zone with a new exhibition center, multi-modal transport hub, offices, and homes. This means the creation of thousands of new jobs, new homes, and a considerable amount of private investment. It also cements Nice’s reputation as a growing, stable business economy and will draw on the city’s international potential.

The Big Business of Tourism

As mentioned above, tourism generates the vast majority of Nice’s economy. It has two main branches: leisure tourism and business tourism. The city attracts five million visitors a year, about half of which come from abroad, especially from other European countries like Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and the UK.

The University of Nice Sophia Antipolis is home to internationally ranked schools of management, as well as degree programs which are directly linked to tourism. This ensures that students can progress to have a future working in Nice. However, it makes it more difficult for expats to find jobs within this highly competitive sector.

It’s More Than Just Tourism

The Eco-Vallée development suggests that Nice is more than just a tourist attraction and in fact is building an impressive reputation as a hub of technology. Telecommunications, internet, multimedia, life sciences, and biotechnology firms are all based in the Nice area and are of increasing importance. The other secondary pillars of the local economy are the construction and public works sectors.

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