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Open Bar Event. Thoughts? (Nicosia)

Hi everyone,

It was a pleasure meeting so many of you last week at Finbarrs. Thank you to the most of you who greeted me so warmly into my new role and we saw Dekkel off with quite a loud bang... but as you know he isnt really going anywhere ;)

I asked around and many of you suggested some ideas, and surprisingly almost 50 of 50 people surveyed were all super excited about a horse riding event. So thats on the cards!! coming soon....

On another note, I have planned 3 events for the next 25 days or so... one of them is an open bar event... and herein lies my question:

Would you be interested in such an event. I am going to negotiate with the owner tonight but I did want your feedback. I will try to push them down to 15euro pp (cost of 2 drinks)... and possibly squeeze in a ladies night (ladies for free but I cant guarantee that)...

So please post if you agree or otherwise. If many nay sayers then I we can change the conditions.

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