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Please Guide me Guys (Nur-Sultan)

Hi Every one,

I am an Indian working in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. I am happy in Saudi Arabia financially and mentally in my Job…….But I am not Happy in Saudi… my life became like a machine… Just office and home… that’s at… No entertainment and no social life…. I was very happy in Dubai… as you know I worked in Dubai about 6 years….because of recession there were no big increment in my previous company, that’s why I resigned and came to Saudi Arabia. Here I have good Job, good profession and good salary. I am living here from 3 years with my Wife and Kid, but I am not that happy mentally for social life and no entertaining life for me and my family....

I am getting an Job offer from Astana City. I am an Mechanical Design engineer working for MEP contracting company in Riyadh.

My concern is, Am I taking right decision to move to Astana city to work and Live there for couple of years. I have one year old boy. I want to move with my wife and Kid. Please answer the following query if someone has time for me to help as a good human.

1. Is Astana city is safe to Live with Family ?
2. I know its too cold city. are there any health issues?? I am concern about my small kid who is only one year old.
3. What is the monthly minimum expenditure for a small family living in average life standard as a Typical Indian.
4. Frankly speaking I am getting my salary here in Saudi around USD Protected content month. And I am saving USD Protected content after all my minimum expenses. is it possible in Astana to save the same amount with the same salary ??
5. What about the primary education of kids. is it good standard ?? is it expensive.

Please answer my queries with genuine answers. I will be thankful for all those who guided me for my better future.

Thanks again,

Rawoof Ahmed

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