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7.10.12-Fürth Kirchweih Umzug-Thanksgiving Parade (Nuremberg)


hello all,

a spectacle, that you should not miss on sunday in Fürth, starting on Protected content .
there is also live coverage in bavarian television (3rd program)

the Parade moves the following roads:
Herrnstraße - Schwabacher Straße - Maxstraße - Friedrichstraße -Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße - Schwabacher Straße - Kohlenmarkt - Brandenburger Straße - Königstraße - Ufer-/Weiherstraße

more info here - there are also som pictures:
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The history of this parade dates back to the years Protected content . Many areas of mittelfranken were famine stricken due to persistent crop failure, natural disasters, and the Napoleonic War. The frost period brought also heavy storms in Protected content , ruining the potential harvest from the fruit fields. The farmer’s efforts were futile.

In the summer of Protected content , like a miracle, through the few seeds that were left, an abundant crop allowed the citizens of Fürth to exhale after many years of endured suffering. This called for a celebration. Similar to the American Thanksgiving feast, people wore their best clothing, and enjoyed a great feast on wonderfully decorated tables a long awaited harvest. This tradition lives on today at the Michaelis-Kirchweih.

here you can get the program of Fürther Krichweih as pdf:
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