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are there BIKERS In N, FÜ, ER, ERH, AN, FO, SC, RH (Nuremberg)


hello all,

are there any motorbike loving members,

that are looking for other bikers

and also like to meet with them at different locations

and ride with them

- sometimes spontaneaous ?
- sometimes at fixed weekends for 2 and 3 day tours ?

there are several groups in the region:

# ------ Protected content in Xing and fb

in der Metropolregion N-FÜ-ER .....
Protected content

- one meeting per month at differen locations like restaurants, beergardens, etc.
- 4 to 5 fixed dates for riding together

--> first: all group events are created in Xing then may also be copied to fb.

facebook: BIKER-TREFF
Protected content
... here are more postings to be found:
like: today I have some spare time, who like to ride with me ...?

# ------ Protected content rund um Nürnberg
- only in facebook:

facebook: Motorradfahren rund um Nürnberg
Protected content
- younger group
- one meeting per month at different places in N mostly on saturday's
- some come with their family, as kids are younger

# ------ Protected content website

another portal - very big - germany wide :
Protected content

- also it is possible to download or upload tours and share GPS-Data with others,
- make friends with other bikers (like any other network),
- find technical Data for motorcycles
- within the portal, are also some groups to be found.
like special groups for motorcycle brands (BMW, Honda, Kawa, Yamaha, etc.
or according to region
- find data, hotels, sightseeing for your motorcycle vacation
- test reports about new bikes
- Tourenberichte - reports about rides & landscape and people
- Schraubertipps - if your maintain the bike yourself
- market place
- many more things ...

- goups on bikerszene are:
- Frankenbiker
- Alpen Tourer
- BMW riders
- mittelfranken biker
- Franken-Biker
- Aischgrund Biker Franken
- a.s.o.

kind regards - as motorcyclists on the road do ...

... immer die Linke zum Gruß
.... great other bikers on the road with your left 2 fingers

Ulrich (ullih)

Nuremberg Forum