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Questionnaire - I need your help getting my sample (Nuremberg)

Hello internationals and expats!

I need you!
I am currently writing my master thesis in international management and try to get a representative sample. If the sample size is big enough it may be serve as a basis for my future dissertation.

My master thesis is about boundary spanning roles in group work. The focus is mainly on project work in the daily worklife in international companies. In my thesis there will be compared two different groups. One group are monocultural individuals and the second group are bicultural individuals.

Bicultural means:
- born in another country than the country you've lived in
- having parents with different nationalities or another nationality than the country you are living in
- having lived 5 years or more in another country

Since you all have experienced living in another country and have worked in another country especially in multicultural teams, you all could be a great help for getting my sample.

I am now mainly searching for bicultural individuals (you can find definition above)

Below you can find the link to my online questionnaire. It is in english and will take about Protected content .

Protected content

Thank you all in advance for helping me and taking some of your precious time.

All the best


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