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short survey on expatriates and their experiences (Nuremberg)

Hi everyone,

I study International Business at the University of Nuremberg.
In one of our classes at uni we are currently working on the role of expatriates (or “inpatriates”) in the Metropolitan Area of Nuremberg. We examine different topics like training and possible language challenges that foreigners working for companies in the region might go through. To collect data, our Professor created a survey. It will be send to all participants by email. Would you like to participate in it? It only takes a few minutes and it is also our goal to find out how the experiences of inpatriates in the Metropolitan area of Nuremberg could be improved.

I would be really happy and grateful if some of you would like to join. I only need your email adresses, full name and the name of the company that you work for. You can of course send them to me in a private message. Confidentiality is guaranteed.
Thank you so much in advance!
I look forward to receiving your messages

Christina Kempf

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