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Enjoy living and working in Nuremberg

Are you an expat living in Nuremberg? You will surely come across many questions, such as ʺWhat documents does the German aliens department require for a work permit?”, ʺAre inland flights or national trains the cheaper option to travel from Munich to Berlin?ʺ, or ”What can other expats recommend for telecommunication providers in town?”

Looking for all of the information that is important for living and working in Nuremberg can take you hours. However, by using our Nuremberg expat guide you can greatly simplify your relocation to Nuremberg. Beginning with restaurants and nightlife to tips about local infrastructure - the guide deals with all the different facets of the expat life in Nuremberg.

We certainly provide other expat communities than our members in Nuremberg with useful information on everyday life. Our guide features a range of topics, from living in Jersey City to living in Amsterdam.

Information for the Expat Life in Nuremberg

Are you looking for specific information, such as tax consultants in town or the American diplomatic missions in Germany? On top of our expat guide, you will have access to our expat directory for Nuremberg, which provides you with a complete catalogue of all expat-relevant locales and relocation services in Nuremberg. Moreover, you also can take full advantage of our Nuremberg expat forum in order to look for tips and information from your fellow expatriates.

Become part of InterNations Nuremberg and you’ll be warmly greeted with a welcoming Grüß Gott from our expats living and working in Nuremberg.

Interested in expat life around the world, though? We have additional information on dozens of countries and cities, from living in Shanghai to living in London!