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Feeling stressed out? Thinking Why am I alive? Wha (Osaka)

Want a new career or dream job?
You know the one that really suits you?
Want to stop drifting in the sea of life, take control of your own personal future?

Want to stop dreading getting out of bed each work day?
Want to enjoy using your excellent talent, make a difference, to challenge yourself, to do even better than you thought you were capable of?

Stop now, start the change you really deserve. Learn a structured process that works well for so many other individuals, it's guaranteed to fire up your passion and change your life in many ways.

The Passion For Change Coaching Program does exactly that.
It’s designed to guide you through a structured question process that will help you find true happiness in doing what you want.

I'll support you as we take control of confusing old assumptions, self limiting beliefs and expectations and bad experiences, in a way you can really focus on what you want.

You'll have the ability to develop a specific career vision and a structured plan to achieve just that.

I'll work with you to search deep down for those much needed clues, which lie within you.

I'll help you focus exactly on what is needed to get you the career you want, by assessing and addressing all areas of your life!

I'll help you work effectively, to create better networking skills, better job searches and create connections, you'll need to get those jobs.

For 25 years I've helped people find themselves and the work they love.

Many of my clients have found careers in medical, public speaking, copy writing, personal development, fashion, management, marketing, sales, counselling, teaching, peak performance, sports and better parenting.

Many have their own businesses.
I’ve trained many to use my creative approaches.

I love what I do because clients get results.

You never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing. Dale Carnegie

If this sounds exciting and appeals to you contact me and let's build your road map to success!

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