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Small Business $10,000 turnaround in 45 min (Osaka)

Hi Everyone,
I’m currently doing research for a book I’m writing based around my 45 min business turnaround.

What I do is typically charge my clients $2,000 for a 45 min business turnaround where I essentially find $10,000 hidden in their business within 45 mins of sitting down with them.

Not a bad investment when you consider I will quadruple their investment in 45 mins.

Here’s the situation and the reason I’m calling you, with me writing a book around this process I need to ensure it works for all industries before I go and publish it, essentially putting my reputation out there with it and I realized that I’m very light on examples for your industry.

So here’s my question, do you have 45 mins so I can find you 10K hidden in your business?

I wont be asking you to pay $2,000 like I usually do but what I am going to ask of you is that once we achieve the 10K would you give me your permission to use the example in my book?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


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