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Finally Here! (Oslo)


After many months delay we are here! So far a couple things:
* don't believe all the negative things you read
* get a good map
* invest in good quality warm clothes
* memorize the pins for all your cards including your credit cards
* get a travel card
* if you have an iphone or android phone download the vonage app, tell everyone you know to do so as well - free calls & texts (to Protected content to any usa number or free to other vonage app users with a data connection
* lots of reasonable tasty food around
* everyone knows english and are willing to help
* most people seem to love dogs (but not the barking)
* taxis are very expensive
* you can get waffles and pancakes everywhere
* if you are not sure where to go with your stroller, look for the other moms
* if you think you'd need something specific here, bring it with you
* shockingly some sites like amazon will not deliver certain things to Norway, eg kids stuff
* Sundays most places are closed, so grocery shop by Saturday afternoon
* get a City Bike (Oslo Bysykkel) card, it is a very pleasant way around
* compile a translated list of your favourite foods and take it with you shopping
* everyone is friendly, regardless of what you read
* cross on the crosswalk, you have right of way once you start walking (if there is a light, wait for green though)
* visit the flea market on Grønland on any saturday
* visit Aker Brygge and don't buy anything cause it's expensive, walk out to the city hall and enjoy the street performers
* there are no 0.50kr or 0.10kr coins as of may Protected content
* try the oslo mini cruise - hop on hop off

... that's what i got so far, been here since only Wednesday and still jet lagged by 7 hours.

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