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Importing a foreign car? (Oslo)


Hi everyone!
My partner and I are hoping to move to Norway in a couple of months, to travel around the continent in a van and make a documentary of our adventure. Question is- how much would it cost us to import our secondhand van? I read an article which dates back to Protected content says that we don't need to do anything in particular if we plan to stay in Norway for less than a year.

-Does this mean we can just enter the country via the ferry and drive off, or do we need to register somewhere still, pass some kind of test ?
-But after that duration, we need to register the van, which will probably cost us as much as the van itself, right?
-As anyone tried going out of the country for a couple of a month with their car, and then back in? Does this work, or not because it's the driver that's registered, and not the car? >> then what if it's a different driver which enters the country with the car?

Thank you all for your help in advance!

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