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Internation events! or ... (Oslo)


Hello ....

It was lovely to meet some of familiar faces yesterday after being away for a really long time.

I will share with you some of my feelings and hopefully get some feedbacks and see if any one got the same feelings.

when I joined internations and its events 2 (or more) years ago, I felt it was super fun, very social events, you get to meet people talk about different things from our backgrounds to our current life/jobs and how it is to live in in Norway and probably even thoughts about the future.
The people are sweet, wonderful and super friendly and really time passing fast and you cannot wait to meet with them again and chat and even form groups of friends outside the internations.

But start notice a change in the attitude of some people or new faces who really did not understand the concept of the internations, and I will be open and honest about it start to notice that:
1- People evaluate others as soon as they enter the event or after they see which country the person is from without knowing the person.
2- I start to see people (men/women) coming for hunting (I do not need to explain more)!

My feeling got confirmed when I talked to people, women start to have long faces as they hunt for specific type! Men are not really interested to talk and their eyes watching around to hunt!

That is why some friends asks me why I’m not coming anymore or often to the events!

Well my friends, I was active when it was more fun and more social!
I do not need to pick (hunt) in internations, if I want I can do that in a club/pub with locals!

It is a lovely place when you feel you can really be social, so do not get me wrong there are many lovely and nice people the ambassadors are wonderful and they do an amazing job.

But probably it’s only me getting old ;-)


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