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Job help please c.v (Oslo)

Im just going to upload my c.v and see does anyone think i would find a job easy enough would be appreciated for some feedback.

Niall Donnelly

253 hereford street christchurch

D.O.B -- Protected content 05 / 91

mobile. Protected content

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Personal statement

I have had numerous experiences in the construction industry through joinery / laboring and concreting. More into the joinery I have had experience in first fix / second fix / plaster boarding and roofing and have been trained in using power-tools. I also have experience in the meat industry were I have been working in an abattoir for 3 years now carrying out numerous job’s such as the removal of hoofs and horns on the cattle and also the trimming of fat of the cows belly ready to be sold as tripe and also know how to validate the cattle’s kill number on a computer to keep track of it. I know myself as a good team worker and can pick up new skills very quick which I have learned from these jobs. I have always had work. Never been out of a job I like to stay on my feet and earn money and help whoever I work for... Since i have been in New Zealand i have picked up allot of skill's in demolition and landscaping and Heavy labour and the use of power tool's. Ex. Grinder / Concrete Cutter / Concrete breakers of all size's.. and also the use of laser level's.. I have also been out in the ocean doing water depths for new piles to build a new wharf for the Lyttleton Port in Christchurch...

Career summary

Demolation / Labouring / Land scaping / November Protected content ) Max Contracts

Demolation / Labouring Protected content Protected content Protected content crane hire / Iron horse

Precast-Concrete Protected content Protected content Protected content Concrete / Fulton hogan

Meat processor in an Abattoir September Protected content Protected content UK LURGAN

Packer warehouse Protected content Protected content September Protected content Clothing

Joiner / labourer Protected content Protected content May Protected content Moore joinery

Protected content

Work experience

I have carried out work experience in the concreting industry which I’ve had experience in laying and levelling of the concrete also was part of heavy labourer during the experience which I took a lot of interest in and had no problem carrying out the labouring which was needed at times in the job.

Job type Protected content Protected content boss

Joinery / carpenter / Protected content Protected content Protected content Moore

Concreter Protected content work experience in Protected content lapin

Southern regional college

I attended S.R.C as part of a school program and took up bricklaying for 2 years once a week were i learned a wide range of skills in the bricklaying industry on how to level and plumb a wall and had the experience in building different types of walls week in week out.

This is where I also completed my level 1 joinery course when I had finished school then got my experience on site for 2 years from September Protected content May Protected content mentioned above in my career summary. During my time in S.R.C carpentry & joinery course i was in S.R.C class 2 days a week and out on site 3 day’s a week









Im interested in football / weight training and cardio / martial arts


joel cuningham-- Protected content

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