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Movie club? (Oslo)


Hello Movie goers!

Well we all come from various countries speaking different languages and sharing different cultures. But what we all do have in common (well mostly) is that all our countries do have a thriving movie industry! And we probably do miss watching movies from back home right? But we get around that using the inter-web-thingy. So why not share the experience with others? Why not we come together and have a mini international film festival at some local auditorium or a school where we all contribute a film from our region? Or we can even go to film festivals which take place in Oslo. I from India, and trust me we do make some good films :P Its not always funny dances and songs. I would love to share some classics! I recently started watching norwegian movies and portuguese films and I loved them! I am already collecting them, legally of course ;) But it still is hard to find movies from all regions of the world in norway. Only the big names come here (Tropa De Elite for eg)

So friends what say??


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