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Moving to Oslo from Colorado

Hello. My husband, daughter and I are moving to Oslo in August for a position with the University of Oslo. We have rented a furnished apartment, so we will need to bring only clothes, bicycles, and a few other things. However, we want to have more stuff than we can bring on the flight to Oslo. Has anyone done this before? We have yet to get a sense of what it costs since the estimates from different companies have varied somewhat. We are thinking about using Excess Baggage Company (from UK). Does anyone know anything about this company? In addition, in the Spring we will need to bring all of our household items, furniture included. We are looking for a shipping company to accommodate those needs, too. We assume it will be a different kind of company (?), but really have no idea how to do this kind of move. Any advice would be appreciated very much.

Sonya Lundblad

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