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Talent trainers looking for talent-curious people (Oslo)

Hey everyone,

It was such a great opportunity to meet many of you at Hard Rock Café last night. It's exactly why I love Internations & its communities: Because the people are interesting!

If you've met me last night then you'll remember this idea that I mentioned about holding a talents discovery workshop here in Oslo where my partner, Catherine Lecloux (who is very talented herself), and I are dedicating a day of audition & discovery to helping you find what you're great at.

This is NOT a sales pitch. I'm posting this here because this is what I live for; I help people discover what they're great at & show them how to use it! And talent means you can be very good at doing things others cannot. I've met many of you who are already talented last night.

Event details:

In this workshop you will:
1. Identify what your talents/abilities are all about  
2. Increase your confidence and expression of what you’re most passionate about 
3. Interact with other talented & passionate people & co‐create with them by integrating your  talents together 
4. Create ways and actions for turning your dream into a reality to live fulfilled in  expression of  yourself 

This workshop is open for people who are curious, or know what talent they have,
Saturday, August 17th, 2013 from 0900 to 1800 
Location: Uranienborgveien 13, 0351 OSLO 
Investment:  NKR 350 per person. 

If you're interested or have any questions, please comment here or message me and I'll be more than glad to respond or register you in!

P.S: This is NOT a motivational talk. I don't do that. This is an experiential learning process.

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