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"Art and speaking one language" (Ottawa)

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"Speaking one language through art, how"?

As a fine artist, I have always seen art as the important bond for our beautiful world. Applying art in our lives can lead to the mutual understanding, respect and hold tight the values of our world and cultures. The outcome will direct us to speak one language.

A beautiful building can be built not only with one block but by many of them sticking together in order to form one strong building. When there is gaps / conflict of interest, unity and strength can’t exist. With the same idea, when racism exists will hold us back from seeing the world speaking one language neither will individuals be able to perform their best. This, where we need to give attention.

It is one of the impossible to be happy and enjoy true peace, while knowing that, out there, are people who can’t share or experience same blissful feelings. There is different between inner peace, as individuals, which comes as a result of doing our best, and the universal peace. This can’t be completed, until we know that everyone has same share of happiness and justice.

But how can art helps us to speak one language where there are different groups / nations have their own languages and goals!? How can it play its role to unify us. How can we speak same language while we have different ones!? And where does art fit in?! What can art does for us? What is the importance of arts in life and how could it bring people together to speak one language yet, still have their own languages and identities?

Art is not only painting, composing music, performing, writing, dancing or singing etc. There is also the art of communication, art of teaching, art of listening, art of speech, art of giving and even art of healing. The whole creation is speaking loudly of the maximum beauty of arts. If we give it listening ears, observing eyes, thinking minds, beating hearts, eager souls to apply art in all what we do, this can add exquisiteness and peace to all.

Our selfless, pure and sincere love for life and for our fellow men will motivate us to do everything with passion where art will demonstrate itself. This will lead to, not the typical oneness, but to the mutual understanding and respect for all.

A beautiful garden can be full of different flowers with diverse characters, aromas and designs. The flowers look absolutely astonishing and all colors are matching together in harmony, yet, each is still keeping its uniqueness. As is the case with an orchestra playing one symphony yet, there are many players playing harmoniously, with diverse instruments and with different tones! With this idea, our world can sing same melody beautifully, yet, each part has its own character. If we reach this understanding, we can speak one language.

Practically speaking, when creating opportunities for people to chose what they love to do and expressing themselves freely, they will not only, master it, but also, will benefit all. To accomplish this, we would need expertise, in every field, to pass on generously, their experiences, passion and love to others. When we master what we do, ARTISTICALLY, this will bring people closer and will eliminate countless hardships to many. Working out of love, will unite the world in a common field of understanding, respect, acknowledgment and care for one another. One does not need to be a brain surgeon to appreciate the art of operating, neither does he/she has to be hungry to learn the art of giving nor do they need to be creative architect to admire the art of architectural. But knowing and experiencing the motives behind everything we do with passion, automatically, will teaches us what it takes to master something. The result will be mutual respect and appreciation will develop leading to unity. In this sense we will be speaking one language through art!

I am not a dreamer but only writing from a personal experience and that is why I am calling for unity, peace, love and understating among us all. Life will remain beautiful and is waiting for us to perceive it, learn it, understand its universal language, enjoy it and use it wisely with love. Through art we can speak one international language and this is how I am communicating with you through my art. So, let us speak to one another the language of life, language of love, yes, the language of ART.

Mona Youssef
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