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DaVinci and you, are you, can you? (Ottawa)

You probably, are DaVinci, partially or totally, how do you know? The DaVincis are 10% of the population who can create, take the lead, invent, solve problems, sensitive to surroundings, speak up, seek sensation, are insightful, risk takers, brave, prevision and calculate matters ahead of time, think differently and stand out differently! Such characteristics can be found in leaders, inventors, politicians, stars, scientists and artists. These ones are highly sensitive, psychic, and feel the need to have purpose in life. They can’t tolerate nonsense or take no for an answer, therefore, have the spirit of warrior to correct systems that lacks integrity and is no longer working for us. For this reason, they have a fiery inspiring character and strong determination. How do you know if you are another DaVinci? To find out, please read mys article on this link:

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Mona Youssef

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