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Nove Scotia? (Ottawa)


OK, I wasn't able to get closeer to Halifax than Ottawa on this site LOL but maybe you all can help me with some questions.

In two years I'd like to emigrate to the region with my (will be)13 year old daughter. I'm from the US, and I live in Italy. She has dual citizenship.

I will have regular income as my husband will stay in Italy for work.

I live near Rome and plan on going to the Canadian Embassy but I don't even know where to go.

How would I be accepted in that area of Canada? Canadians have always seemed open and friendly. How are the schools? Good education system? How about healthcare? How are the crime rates?

(I tried to ask the same question on Yahoo Answers but got really rude comments from Americans because I said I'd prefer not moving back to the US...ever.)

So, thanks to anyone if you can guide me a bit here...<3

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