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Working in Ottawa

Ottawa is not only an iconic and modern-day culture hub, but also an employment treasure chest bursting with a range of opportunities in various sectors, from agriculture to financial services. Learn all you need to know about working in Ottawa in our guide.

The Local Economy in Ottawa

Ottawa's economy is extremely robust, with technology and government representing the two most notable sectors. Income rates here are among the highest in Canada, and the median family income in the greater Ottawa area was more than 94,000 CAD in 2014. When comparing this to the average 1,700 CAD price tag attached to renting a 3 bedroom apartment in the city  center, there is no doubt as to the prowess of this flourishing economy.

Unemployment rates are below average when compared to the province and indeed the country, and these rates remain remarkably stable, with rises and falls in unemployment nowhere near as dramatic as the fluctuations experienced by other neighboring cities.

Job Hunting in Ottawa                                                                                         

A thorough job hunt is the only way to seek out your perfect position, and Ottawa provides its citizens with a plethora of resources to make this process as stress-free and efficient as possible. As with most things these days, the majority of your job hunt will take place online – particularly as you might be looking for an employer to sponsor your visa application from abroad – , and below is a list of Ottawa's most popular job posting sites. It is also worth bearing in mind that speaking French will give you a slight advantage in the race for jobs.

For government jobs:

Private sector sites:

Income Taxation in Ottawa 

Unfortunately, moving abroad also means having to figure out anew your specific tax situation. Below are the tax brackets for the province of Ontario (as of 2015):

  • Up to  40,922 CAD = 5.05%
  • Between  40,922 CAD and 81,847 CAD = 9.15%
  • Between  81,847 CAD and 150,000 CAD = 11.16%
  • Between 150,000 CAD and 220,000 CAD = 12.16%
  • Above 220,000 CAD = 13.16%

Ottawa really does have everything - a strong economy, plenty of job opportunities, and an insanely varied choice of leisure activities. Alongside this, the city's recent regeneration has added to its impressive unemployment rates, healthcare system and sustainable lifestyle, all of which clearly define the drive and innovation at the heart of Canada's fantastic capital.


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