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French courses online with native french teacher (Ouagadougou)


Have you ever heard of: The GPA (Growing participator approach) ?

The method: With It you will not only learn French as a scholastic way, but will be considered as a host by your teacher and you exchange a lot more than basic exercises to improve your French in all circumstances.

The method consists of 6 phases depending on your level.
* Phase 1 : A1 level or complete beginner
* Phase 2 : A2 level or beginners with some basics
* Phase 3 : B1 level or pre-intermediate / early conversation
* Phase 4 : B2 level or intermediate level
* Phase 5 : C1 level or self / conversation
* Phase 6 : C2 level or bilingual

The classes:
type of class 1 :In the firsts moments of the method, you cannot understand anything or say anything, but the host teacher begins helping you to take your first steps into that new world by «playing with you» in ways that allow you to learn and grow following the method and her exercices. You learn to know each other's hope and fears, listening work in priority and only after, understanding and reflecting works.

The emphasis on comprehension ahead of speaking relates to your values in the sociocultural dimension: host people need to be listened to. You don’t participate in a people group with an overwhelming focus on what you want to say, but rather with a passion to hear the thoughts and hearts of host people in order to converse with them rather than talk at them.

Too often people talk of the importance of «good grammar» in moralistic terms. Too often, the learning of a particular language is made to appear to be a feat of great intellectual prowess rather than growing participation in a live, personal, languacultural world.

type of class 2 :
For people already comfortable with language (intermediate level to conversational level), classes become more tailored to meet their expectations in detail.
We prioritize disciplines (oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral production, written production) and host people can improve and acquire new skills.We study french more on the scholastic way.
Corrections, assignments related to lessons and writing and speaking advices are sent quickly and efficiently from current courses.

for type of class 1 and 2 :
* We choose types of exercises and activities among all those proposed in the method
(short stories, here and now, stories building, TPR...)

* We use the video/audio media (short videos, audio books/movies, recording conversations...) and also social FLE games.

* We prepare french DELF/DALF with specific exercices and official books to be ready and also advices to sucess.

Feel free to try it and contact me for more informations (all documents on the methodology are available if necessary).

The fare is 15€/hour.

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