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Wanna be an InterNations Ambassador in Ouaga? (Ouagadougou)

Hello members!

Geoffrey made a plea for organizing a monthly gathering.
He also brought up the matter of having an ambassador for our local community - meaning: people committed to IN principles and keen on dedicating some of his/her time to set up encounters, activities or whatever they might think of to bring the community to life, starting with the Monthly Get Together.

I used to be an ambi for the Abidjan community for almost two years and I can tell you it's a very fulfilling "job".

Here are some info that might help you to have a rough idea of what it is about:

Who can be an ambasador?
Any member!

How is the ambassador "elected"?
We cannot designate our Ambassador ourselves: IN headquarters has to give his approval. However, they don't know us and therefore cannot designate someone randomly.
The idea is to come to them with a short list. They will then contact the volunteers for a phone-call interview, mainly to see their motivations and to explain what their role and duties would be.

Bear in mind that you wouldn't be alone: there can be 2 ambassadors for the same community. It make it easier to ensure regular events of all types as you have someone to talk to and with whom to exchange ;)
HQ will also drive you any time you need it.

Sooo??? Any volunter keen on taking up the position???

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