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Change your life for the better and forever: a tru (Oxford)

Change your life for the better and forever: a truly life changing event

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Looking forward to this incredible event. Please try to attend and if you cannot attend cancel your attendance and leave the space to someone else.

The main idea of radical acceptance is the ability to accept life “as it is”. The situations you face, the relationships you experience — all of it, just accept them.

We are asking ourselves to learn and become empowered each step of the way.

This approach invites us to work from the ‘light’ side of our ego, which exhibits life characteristics more closely aligned with our divine nature — that all-accepting, compassionate and loving part of us.

The more we can inhabit this part of our nature, the more we can hold the experience of witnessing life unfolding, not being attached to the outcome, and being fully present in the moment with love, compassion, acceptance, and ultimately, happiness.

Let’s think about that a little further and what it really means:

“I just lost my job… and I accept it.”
“My partner is controlling and jealous…and I accept it.”
“My child has started taking drugs… and I accept it.”
Now, if I’m honest, I’ve got to admit that there is part of me that says: “What the…?! How do I just accept this? Is that a reasonable or smart response? Surely, this just means that I’m giving up and living like a victim!”

Actually, this part of me is screwing up her face and thinking that this whole thing sounds ridiculous! She has a loud voice at times and if she was in the driver’s seat right now, this article would not be written.

It’s the part that we don’t want to admit to or show the world.

So from my shadows, she says: “What are you talking about?! Survive, survive, survive! Just hurry up and get a new job, get rid of that partnership that’s not working for you because it’s all too hard, and get angry and judgmental towards your child about the drugs. That will fix it…yes!”

OK, I take a deep breath and step back into myself again. I wish to share from a deeper, wiser part of myself, the part that has infinite compassion, love, and acceptance of all that is. This is my divine nature, higher self, or core wisdom — my true self.

It’s a big step from intolerance to acceptance, don't you think? It hasn't always been just a simple step back into this place in me.

This step has taken much learning and repeated practice. It’s a place in me that has been explored and experienced in deeper and deeper levels over the years. It’s a place I now know well.

To hold the intention of my divine nature (compassion, love, and acceptance), I have to work on and with my ego self and re-frame a few ideas for her (so she can stop shouting and feeling threatened).

It meant the introduction of a few life philosophies and spiritual insights that helped calm her. Let me share 3 of these with you:

1. Our outer life reflects our inner world.
2. Others around us are mirrors to ourselves.
3. There is a flow to life and it’s there whether or not I am aware of it.


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