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skating + icecream evening (Padua)

Hello dears,
Yesterday evening I had a wonderful experience I'd like to remake soon into a InterNations Event.
I went in-line roller skating at Prato della Valle in Padova.

Thursday evening is a sort of "skating night" in Padova, there are a number of different groups both autonomous and organized:
casual inline skating, kid and adult lessons, slalom practice, quad skating, roller derby practice and more...
I spent a few time with an instructor. And then I used the rest of the evening casual skating.
The environment is special because you have this special feeling of “doing sport in the city”.

Prato della Valle is also a major tourist attraction and that creates a unique blend of atmospheres.
It is one of the largest square in the world, so certainly it offers plenty of room for everybody.

After skating, being already in the city center, it was easy and nice to take a walk through the rising movida touring the best ice-cream shops in the city. Gnum!!!

As an InterNations Event I would propose a double path, both starting around 8:30 PM
- basic introduction with a certified instructor (free of charge, who's the man?)
- straight casual inline skating
And final ice-cream walk!

Even if you or some of your friend don't feel like to skating, you could make comfortable in one of the lounge bar around Prato della Valle, giving us the moral support and the resting opportunity we'll frequently need, at least until we'll have altogether the deserved ice-cream walk.

They rent skates, but bringing your own is highly recommended.
It's easy now to find them on sales. Skates last years, giving you an infinite opportunity for both exercise and fun.

What could be the best date (Thursday) in your opinion?

31st of July?
7th of August?
14th of August?

I won’t make it to this evening InterNations event at Caffè Pedrocchi, but please share the idea and contact me for any feedback/information/feedback/request.

And stay tuned for next Tuesday night in Treviso:
concert@Nea + mixed double foosball matched @St.Thomas Pub

Wednesday night is becoming the weekly 5 meters high dive night, and with a couple of other InterNations we will travel again to Belluno: Protected content

C’mon! Live now! Winter is coming...

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