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Translation Authentication Certificate for marriag (Padua)

Hello everyone, I am in need of some assistance. My fiancee and I are getting married in Wisconsin, USA, we will have the marriage certificate apostilizied/ legalized in the from Wisconsin

However here is the question can any one translate the marriage license, what style of translation is needed supposidly there are 2 styles.

To obtain the Translation authentication certificate can it be done here in Padova, and where? or does it indeed have to be done at the embassy near me.

We have limited time to get the translations done only 25 days to get the translations done, certified, and the appoint made.

Is there anyone that has gone through the immigration process in Italy that can help me and my fiancee.

I am from the states and she is from the UK, she is working here in Italy as a teacher, and if I can get this last hurtle sorted I will be working along side here at the school.

Please any help concerning this would be great

Thank you for all your help
Brad H.

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