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A “decent” bank to open an everyday account. (Panama City)

My wife and I are coming to Panama City in the end of July and staying to the end of August this year.

So I need your help regarding your experience with opening a normal account for paying bills etc. in Panama City. And your experience of their “service”, including their online websites.

I know this has been a popular topic in many expat forums in Panama during the last years. All the stories of the hassle and difficulties to open a simple account by a foreigner even if you are in the visa process.

The big problem it seems is that the banks frequently change their rules and attitude all the time. So what were good 3 to 6 months ago could now have completely changed.

To give just one example: Unibank, a bank that was recommended by some expat organizations and publications, changed their rules last year and decided that they would no longer take non-resident foreigners as clients. Some months later they reversed that decision, but implemented a US$300 application fee for any foreigner wishing to open an account.

So I am only interested in Banks in Panama City. Especially if you have any experience with Banco Banvivienda, Banco Banesco and Multibank.

And sorry guys, no Americans, due to the special regulations and information the US Government are imposing on all international banks regarding their citizens.

So, any recommendation or help is welcomed and appreciated.

If you would like to contact me directly because of the 5 messages limit in the basic membership, or for other reasons, my email is Protected content


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